Do you want to help us bring science and innovation on to the farm?

We offer a reliable and independent service to manage projects, demonstrations and activities which transfer knowledge and innovation from the research and science desks on to the farm.

Farmers – would you like to take part in projects, demonstrations and activities where some of the latest science and bright ideas are on show to improve farming systems?

Researchers – do you need some support to get thinking and willing farmers to contribute to your trials and demonstrations? Your work may not mean much until it is shown to farmers on farm.

On-farm extension and advice is key . . .

The AgBoard has been involved in many projects over many years, and in the next months we will be adding to the record of these on this website.

All this will take some time, so thank you for your patience as we develop this website into a very useful store of knowledge.

Recent project completions:

Green Thistle Beetle

SFF L11-172 - Green thistle beetle monitoring to spread the biocontrol attack on Californian thistles; 2011-13

This project monitored and recorded the thistle and beetle situation at the release sites in Otago & Southland. (In assoc. with a FITT grant from B+LNZ)
View this project here.

Grass Grubs

SFF L12-133 – Grass Grub project 2012-13
The AgBoard in association with MPI and Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Our project to update farmers with the latest grass grub advice and demonstrate the most recent technologies for grass grub management.
View this project here.

Probiotics Trial

SFF L12-083 - The effects of a probiotic supplement on growth, feed conversion and general health of dairy calves; 2012-13

Our project to test anecdotal suggestions that a probiotic supplement in post-natal dairy calves improves weight gain and has health benefits.
View this project here.

SFF #404979 - Are there long-term advantages in giving probiotic supplements to neo-natal calves?  2016-17

This project has reviewed some recent survival and production data for the 2012 calves (307 of them on 3 farms)  to see if there are differences between the neo-natal supplement fed groups of calves and the control groups. View the project report here.