• 24 May 2017

    Probiotic data collection project

    Milestone 2 and the Final Report is now complete for the project "Are there long-term advantages in giving probiotic supplements to neo-natal calves?" We have compared the probiotic supplement calves with the control groups three and four years on from the 2012 trial that looked at probiotic weight gain. What's their respective survival rates? ... Read More

  • 12 Apr 2017

    Milestone One complete

    Milestone one has been completed for our latest on-farm project: SFF # 404979 “Are there long-term advantages in giving probiotic supplements to neo-natal calves?” The project’s aim is to revisit the data from the AgBoard’s 2012 probiotic calf trial project (SFF L12-083 - “The effects of a probiotic supplement on growth, ... Read More

  • 19 Jul 2013

    Trial shows benefits of probiotics for dairy calves

    A trial of some 300 calves on three separate farms in the Clutha district last spring achieved huge progress in developing an understanding of the effects of a probiotic supplement on the weight gain of neo-natal calves according to a report just released by the Clutha Agricultural Development Board. The report indicates that the fresh probiotic supplement ... Read More

  • 12 Oct 2012

    Probiotics and the health of dairy calves

    Probiotics are seen in some quarters as the ‘next big thing’ to support sustainable farming practices and the Clutha Ag. Board’s latest project is currently testing their value to calves in their first few weeks of life on three farms in the Clutha district and some 300 calves. According to the World Health Organisation, probiotics are ... Read More

  • 03 Sep 2012

    New grass grub management programme begins

    The Clutha Agricultural Development Board has begun work with AgResearch scientist Colin Ferguson on demonstrating to farmers the most up-to-date technologies to manage grass grubs on pastoral land in its latest Sustainable Farming Fund project. Grass-grub is an intractable native pasture pest that causes significant production losses for sheep and beef ... Read More