Land and Environment Plans

Most farmers jealously guard the principle that they are of Guardians of the Land. Many have plans in place to support their ideals – and there is pressure on all farmers to comply with ever stricter guidelines.

In some parts of New Zealand, environmental protection plans have become a compulsory part of farming. Some sort of paper trail is often demanded for many farming processes. We cannot afford to ignore this trend if we are selling on the world market and interested in the sustainability of our farms.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has watched these developments and decided to put together a series of simple modules that farmers can follow and put in place – the Land and Environment Plan. There are requirements and recordings for modules at Levels 1, and 2 (straightforward for the average farmer) and a more technical Level 3. These can be registered with B+LNZ  and used as proof of good husbandry of the farm.

ORC demanding clean water

The goal at the Otago Regional Council of clean water is the same as other councils although Otago's effects-based approach is different to other NZ councils. In Otago you are being told what water quality standards you have to meet but not what  inputs you are allowed.  You will have to demonstrate by way of your own land and environment plan that the relevant environmental issues for your farm have been considered and systems put in place to manage these.

Farmers know their own farms and their specific needs to ensure profitability and sustainability. So it is advantageous for farmers to do their own plans and take ownership of that living document.

B+LNZ are encouraging a co-operative approach with a half-day seminar when farmers can consider and analyse similar issues together. There’s more chance of a plan being finalised if this co-operative approach is followed. All you need on the day to start is a reasonable farm map.

CADB Involvement?

Unfortunately the AgBoard's facilitator Graeme Pringle has moved on, but we will work with another of Otago’s team of facilitators. Continued improvement and developments for our farmers is a key principle behind the Board’s work. Feel free to contact us to discuss these seminars. We are keen to run workshops in Clutha at any time.

The farmer commitment?

The day is likely to be 10.30am-approx. 3pm or may begin with lunch at 12.15 and go through to approx 5pm.

It will be a mixed practical and theoretical day for you to put down on paper all those ideas and practices that you already do to take care of your land – and to consider other options too.

This workshop support will be paid for through Beef + Lamb New Zealand levies.

Are you keen to be involved?

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