Health and Safety Reviews  Sorry, this programme has been discontinued.

West Otago winter sceneFarm health and safety checks offered by the AgBoard

  • There are major changes coming for New Zealand when the new "Health & Safety at Work Act" comes into force in 2015
  • Farm health and safety will come under the spotlight a lot more
  • Farmers already have H&S obligations, both in terms of paperwork and practicalities on the land
  • Injuries to farmers and staff are a costly liability
  • Officialdom is likely to add to this significantly, e.g. by way of audits and checks

Because the Ag Board has over 10 years experience involving farm health and safety requirements we are able and have been doing an informal H&S check-up for farmers. This is aimed to highlight gaps in their current arrangements and keep them up to date with the new legislation in 2015. This is intennded as support aimed to avoid costly penalties and the hassles for their business and staff.

We offer a farm visit and report that usually takes up less than half a day and a follow-up report of any actions needed.  There is a moderate cost involved to cover our time and reporting.

We have been finding this is very worthwhile for many operations.


  • Absentee owners
  • Corporate style farmers with Directors boards
  • Farms that have changed hands
  • New management and labour on the farm
  • For those that had a plan a few years ago and it has been put to one side and not updated.

The key benefits are:

  • Keeping up to date and peace of mind
  • Avoiding costly down time by decreasing the chances of nasty injuries
  • Diminish the chances of infringement notices and penalties.

Contact: Murray Harris or Dave Inder at the

Clutha Agricultural Development Board
Box 149
Balclutha 9240

021 616605 E-mail