Green Thistle Beetle

Green Thistle Beetle

SFF L11-172 - Green thistle beetle monitoring to spread the biocontrol attack on Californian thistles.

In association with a FITT grant from B+LNZ

We were able to survey the extent of the establishment of the green thistle beetle (Cassida rubiginosa) since its first releases by the AgBoard, CalTAG, and Landcare Research in New Zealand in 2007. We had observed that there was a developing population of beetles and that they were beginning a successful attack on Californian thistles. This project monitored and recorded the thistle and beetle situation at the release sites in Otago & Southland.

Document Downloads

SFF L11-172 Final Report, August 2013.

       (PDF, 269KB)

GTB (Green thistle beetle) Observations and analysis, August 2013.

       (PDF, 506KB)

‘The beetles may be winning,’ August 2013.

       (PDF, 1,078KB)

Progress Otago & Southland GTB release sites – a spreadsheet of the findings.

       (PDF, 303KB)

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