Executive Members

Current Executive Members following the AGM and as at April 2016

Dave Inder (Chairperson)
Dairy farmer, forestry interests, Paretai

Ronald Alderton
Sheep & beef farmer, Waitahuna, Otago winner Ballance Farm Environment awards 2010

Steve Booth
Dairy farmer, rep for Holstein Friesian New Zealand

Grant Bradfield
Sheep & beef farmer, Owaka valley

Denis Greer
Sheep & beef farmer, Lovells Flat

Murray Harris (Secretary)
Land & Forest Consulting, Dunedin

John Whiteside
Sheep & cropping farmer, Waiwera South



We desperately need more member involvement at Executive level. Talk to any of us now. Thanks.

There are also places open on the executive for co-opted members. If you would like to consider joining us please - please, please, we need new blood - contact us here.

At least let us know you are thinking about it?