Services to the Community

Do you need independent information and advice?

The AgBoard has a proud 20 year record of service to the Clutha district. From 1999 to June 2013 we have provided agricultural services to the district through contracts for services with the Clutha District Council. The Council negotiated particular services which it required under a district development banner and we performed the services without complaint.  It worked well.

Although we no longer have a contract with the Council, we can still provide some free services under the  charitable objectives of our organisation. We believe it is important for agriculture to have an independent,  district voice at grassroots level.  Of course, what’s good for the Clutha district is probably good for all agricultural-based districts.

We also continue to be involved in those 'background' type services, such as writing submissions to councils' Long Term Plans, responding to agricultural issues through Letters to the Editor or with the occasional newspaper article or with contact with decision-makers. We believe we often give a measured and general contribution that individual farmers simply do not have time for.

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